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Read the Special Issue of the Journal of Environmental Media

This online publication focuses on the current climate emergency we face through an emphasis on arts, decolonial futures and interactive storytelling. It was edited by FERN co-founder Sarah Wiebe, as well as Laurence Butet-Roch and Kauwila Mahi. The special issue features, amongst others, contributions from graduate students at the University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa whose articles build on conversations that emerged during their Fall 2020 Environmental Political Theory graduate course.

"What follows in these pages, fusing environmental political theory with multimedia storytelling, responds to the following pivotal questions: what are the vital signs of our current climate emergency today? How are they felt in frontline communities? What alternative visions of healthy and flourishing futures emerge against contemporary crisis conditions? To respond, weaving environmental justice scholarship together with mixed media storytelling, contributors address how the climate emergency currently affects communities encountering layers of crisis. In this collection, we look at how communities experience changing climates, (re)define emergency declarations and articulate emergent visions of alternatives to the colonial status quo."

Listen to Poli Sigh Podcast

Emily Ray talks about what environmentalism faces in modern politics, how it connects to other justice issues, and what it means to navigate climate change in a neoliberal world on Poli Sigh Podcast with one of the co-host Owen Fite, a PhD Student at UC Boulder.


Do politics make you want to sigh? Well, you're not alone. Here at Poli Sigh, we take a collective sigh, and breakdown the political frustrations of the world, bridging political science jargon to the issues and solutions that matter to you. Each episode we interview a political scientist to get their story, hear what they're researching, why you should care about it, and what you can do. It’s but one way of "poli trying" in trying political times. Check us out at

In the 21st century, the political environment and ecological environment might as well be the same thing. But if the planet is so important to everything, then why do we have trouble enacting sustainability? On episode 6, we talk with Dr. Emily Ray about how and why environmentalism still faces difficult hurdles, even in the face of impending doom."


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